Giant Cous Cous Salad

After a very yummy but rather filling lunch at Tim Norton’s I wasn’t desperately hungry, but still in need of something to sate a bit of an appetite and soak up all the booze drunk at Tim’s. (For the record lunch at Tim’s: mackerel with beetroot, butternut squash and horseradish dressing followed by Ottolenghi chicken cooked with dates, olives & capers). Bella and I made this big tasty salad, which we munched with Mum, Dad and Chris before devouring a couple of episodes of Homeland to finish things off.

Giant cous cous boiled in chicken stock for 12 minutes mixed with:

-Roasted vegetables (onions, butternut squash, courgette, aubergine, tomatoes, red peppers) roasted with some sumac, zatar, thyme and chilli flakes and drenched in olive oil.

-A tin of chickpeas

-1/2 a chopped red chilli

-Tablespoon of tomato puree mixed with a crushed garlic clove

-A few big handfuls of babyleaf spinach

-1/2 a tablespoon of rose harissa paste

-A handful of pine nuts and some other seeds found in the back of the cupboard

-A cubed pack of feta

-A big handful of coriander


Served with a green salad. Would be a fab lunch/picnic dish and go well with chicken. 


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