Beef stew for two

A lazy Sunday in Stratford called for a few things: eggs for breakfast, a nice walk along the river and some comfort food for a snuggly evening in watching the unbelievably brilliant Homeland. Sunday happened to be day two of the Stratford food festival, which meant that right outside my door were a host of stalls selling all sorts of yummy things. Having had a peruse, Chris and I opted for some olives, French cheese and a nice saucisson for a snacky lunch and we also grabbed some casserole beef…


Season some flour with thyme, oregano, salt and pepper and cover the beef with a dusting of it before browning in a pan. 


In a separate pan soften a red onion, two cloves of garlic, a stick of celery (finely chopped) and some big chunks of carrots. Then add the meat and a big glass of red (we used pinot noir). Let this simmer for a moment before adding a tin of chopped tomatoes, a tablespoon of tomato puree, two bay leaves then some beef stock (make sure there’s enough liquid to cover the stew). Simmer for as many hours as you possibly can. 

We served it with new potatoes and buttered green beans and the rest of the red. Yum.


Bangers for One

A lonely Tuesday evening in Stratford, feeling a bit knackered and low, some comfort food was in order. I had some bangers in the fridge leftover from yesterday’s sausage pasta made for Tabs before we saw As You Like It and also some spuds. So…

Whacked the bangers in the oven

Softened some onions in a pan then put them in the dish with the bangers along with some beef stock and a bay leaf and some thyme.

Once the sausages were cooked: made onion gravy by stirring some cornflour in with the onion mush. 

Serve with spuds and greens.