A sort of Spanish Omelette

There were some eggs that needed up in my kitchen, as happens frequently. Often I’ll buy them to eat for Sunday breakfast but then have most of the box left over and I don’t tend to eat eggs very frequently. But I hate food to go to waste and so was determined to use them before their use-by date. Now I know traditional Spanish omelettes do not contain a lot of the ingredients I am about to list, but things in my fridge needed eating…

Soften an onion and a thinly sliced pepper in some oil and butter. Add a teaspoon of harissa and some cooked, sliced new potatoes. Pour over four eggs (that have been beaten with a teaspoon of thyme and some salt and pepper). Cook in the pan on the hob but finish off under the grill. If I’d had some feta/goats’ cheese I would have added that and ideally I’d have fresh parsley to put over it, but I didn’t so never mind. Tasty none the less and there’s plenty left over for lunch tomorrow. 


Bangers for One

A lonely Tuesday evening in Stratford, feeling a bit knackered and low, some comfort food was in order. I had some bangers in the fridge leftover from yesterday’s sausage pasta made for Tabs before we saw As You Like It and also some spuds. So…

Whacked the bangers in the oven

Softened some onions in a pan then put them in the dish with the bangers along with some beef stock and a bay leaf and some thyme.

Once the sausages were cooked: made onion gravy by stirring some cornflour in with the onion mush. 

Serve with spuds and greens.