Pearl Barley with some stuff in it

A tendency to over-indulge at the weekends has led to an attempt to be nice and healthy during the week. I’m also trying to be good and make sure I have tupperwares of food at the ready when eating at home isn’t a possibility. On Tuesday evening I had to go Birmingham for work and wouldn’t be home until way past suppertime, so a box of the following was made for the train there…

Cooked and cooled pearl barley (simmer in water for about an hour)

Cooked, chopped beetroot

A handful of babyleaf spinach

Cooked and cooled broccoli, green beans and sugar snaps

Lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil

Some chunks of goats’ cheese


Salad for Lucy

Everyone attending Lucy’s August Bank Holiday BBQ had to bring a side dish. Lucy had requested something a bit like the Ottolenghi salads we often make. This is what was created without an Ottolenghi book and from ingredients from the pitifully poorly stocked Sainsbury’s local in Stratford.

Cooked pearl barley mixed with:


Chopped red chilli

Steamed green beans, broccoli and mini asparagus

Roasted butternut squash, courgette, peppers and tomatoes

All the herbs left in my fridge

Loads of lemon juice